Mission Statement

Two Cats PC Repair Services are here to provide the Highest Quality Desktop/Laptop Repair for Home users and Small Business users at a fraction of the price of other “fix-it” companies.  The customer is our first priority. Our goal is to be transparent in fixing the problem, and honest about the time and cost it will take to resolve your issue. Our customers can be rest assured that we can fix your computer quickly and efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.



What makes you different from other companies?

Our philosophy has always been threefold: that common sense should prevail, that customer service builds lasting business relationships, and that quality matters.


1.  Common sense. 

            In an industry that changes daily, information is the key to satisfaction.  It can be difficult for the average consumer to stay abreast of all the changes, or to know what they need to buy in order to do what they want to do with their computer.  At Two Cats, we’ve always been happy take the time to explain what it all means, as well as what’s working and what isn’t.  We try to help separate the marketing and theory from the fact and practice, so our customers can make informed choices.


2.  Customer service builds lasting business relationships.

            We’ve always found that it’s better to take the time needed to look after the customer you have, than to rush around chasing the next one.  People appreciate a helpful attitude and the extra bit of time we spend to ensure that things go the way they should.


3. Quality matters.

            We’ve always worked to make sure that our prices are competitive, but we won’t sacrifice quality in order to show you the lowest price tag in town.  We do most of our own warranty work, and warranty work has costs – both in terms of time and customer satisfaction.  We’re not interested in generating volume sales that don’t result in happy customers.  We build decent computers for reasonable prices and we back them up with good service.  That’s no less than our customers expect, and deserve.



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