Our Services

  • On Site Computer Repair

    To ensure the highest quality and fastest repair work, we prefer to have your machine on-site. This ensures that your daily life (other than lack of a computer) is disrupted and prevents extra costs to our customers that would normally be necessary to include in price. Listen, we know how disruptive it is to be absent a computer, our computers are part of our family as well as indispensable tools and entertainment systems. That is why Two Cats PC Repair assures it’s customers of the speediest recovery time possible at the lowest possible cost.

  • Laptop Repair

    Hard drive crashes, broken LCD screens, water spilled keyboards, network failures, virus attacks – such things do often happen in the course of day to day life. But that’s not the end of everything. Trust Two Cats PC Repair to take care of you, your Laptop troubles are of little import with us here to help you and you are in good hands.

  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair / Replacement

    Two Cats provide laptop LCD screen repairs and LCD screen replacement at reduced costs and fast turnaround times in our repair shop. Your laptop LCD screen could be cracked or displaying wrong colors, you might have a flickering screen. The pixels on your laptop screen may have died. Whatever the problem is, we can help.

  • Laptop and PC USB/DC-IN Power Jack Repair

    Two Cats PC Repair specializes in replacing Laptop DC Power Jacks and USB Jacks for all brands.There is no such thing as a non-fixable laptop or PC; it only depends on the knowledge and how long it would take to actually fix it.

  • Data Recovery / Data Backup

    Our wide range of technologically advanced solutions and our data recovery engineers experience ensure the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective Data Recoveries in Tucson area. Your data is as important to us as it is to you and we will recover it or charge you nothing for the attempt.

  • Specialty: Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

    Your computer feel seems unusually sluggish, generates strange errors messages or other odd emissions, or possibly even locks up and refuses to function entirely. All these are classic symptoms, but you can not assume your computer is virus-free just because it seems fine or your antivirus software claims it is. Keyloggers that steal your passwords and Trojans are designed to hide and be invisible to detection. Rootkits are almost undetectable and could reside on any system remotely operated by hackers or other miscreants. Two Cats PC Repair will act as your Computer Doctor searching every nook and cranny until every last threat to your data is nullified. Our specialty is virus removal, who better to remove pests than Two Cats?
    Special Note to MAC USERS: Apple products due to the nature of the operating system,  used to be virus and malware free. However, in recent years this has changed and now Exploits and Trojans are being written specifically for Mac users. If you are not using an Anti-virus, you should reconsider doing so. As always remember that Two Cats PC Repair is here to help you as well with all of your computer needs.

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